S C I E N C E     C O M M U N I C A T O R

I have 13 years of experience as a science communicator and science journalist. I am currently working as Chief Communications Officer for CERN openlab. I was previously Editor-in-Chief of The Science Node (formerly ‘iSGTW‘), and before that I worked on the news desk at New Scientist.

Please find examples of my work below.

Event reports

Here is my report on a 2023 meeting on AI held at CERN. I am also currently contributing to an academic paper on this topic.


I prepared the CERN DG’s interventions on quantum/AI at the WEF event in Davos and the GESDA annual meeting in Geneva in 2022.

Annual reports

As well as leading production of the CERN openlab annual report, I have produced chapters of the main CERN annual report.

Build community

Here is my report to the physics community on the 1st Int. Conf. on Quantum Tech for High-Energy Physics, which I co-organised.

Strategic comms

During my time leading the comms office for CERN openlab, the collaboration has grown >3x.

Technical reports

Here is a 2017 white paper I produced on computing challenges faced in by the particle physics community.


Here is one of 50 news articles I have written for New Scientist magazine. I also won the 2011 RCSU Prize.


Photography is one of my hobbies. I have done lots of event photography over the past decade.


Here is a feature I wrote for a technical audience, published in the WMO Bulletin.


As editor, I grew the the iSGTW newsletter by over a third (and doubled traffic to the website)!


Here is an example of a short blog post I have published for a casual, sci-curious audience.

Tech reviews

I have lots of experience reviewing new products for a tech-savvy audience.


Here is a video I produced to promote CERN openlab
to tech companies.


As well as books, I also have experience reviewing cultural events.


I have led organisation of several editions of CERN’s main “Webfest” hackathon.

Social media

I have founded CERN openlab’s social media channels and built to over 20,000 followers.


I present in all kinds of settings, including at large public events and to policy makers at the European Commission.

Crisis comms

In CERN’s Crisis Communications Group, my main role is managing CERN’s social media channels.

Alumni relations

I was a key member of the main organising team for an award-winning major CERN Alumni event.


I guide school groups, public tours and VIPs at CERN, adapting style, content and key messages to audience.

Further examples of my work can be found by clicking the links below:
CERN, CERN openlab, CERN Courier, Science Node, International Science Grid This Week, New Scientist, Climate Action, UK Medical Research Council, others.

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