I lead the communications office for CERN openlab. Please find our latest annual report here: openlab.cern/annual-report. Reports from previous years can also be found on the CERN openlab website: openlab.cern/resources/annual-reports.

Please find a selection of articles I have written for the CERN openlab website below:

HPC computing collaboration kicks off (10/02/2021)

CERN Webfest goes online… and global! (03/07/2020)

CERN openlab lines up new online educational activities (20/06/2020)

Allen initiative – supported by CERN openlab – key to LHCb trigger upgrade (09/06/2020)

Join our first worldwide Webfest (03/06/2020)

CERN openlab CTO signs joint letter to support women working in HPC in Switzerland (10/02/2020)

CERN Summer Student Webfest: weekend of science & creativityCERN Summer Student Webfest: weekend of science & creativity (10/07/2018)

CERN openlab CTO gives keynote talk at ISC High Performance conference (25/06/2018)

CERN openlab publishes 2017 Annual Report (27/03/2018)

CERN openlab kicks off 2018 with technical workshop (12/01/2018)

Applications now open for CERN openlab Summer Student Programme 2018 (05/12/2017)

joins CERN openlab, works on ‘data reduction’ project with CMS experiment

Intel teams up with CERN openlab on the Modern Code Developer Challenge (18/11/2017)

Opinion: facing up to the exabyte era (24/10/2017)*

2017 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme comes to a close (16/10/2017)

Press Release: CERN openlab tackles ICT challenges of High-Luminosity LHC (21/09/2017)

Tackling tomorrow’s ICT challenges today (14/08/2018)

CERN openlab students give “lightning talks” on 11 and 15.08 (26/07/2017)

CERN Summer Student Webfest: a weekend of science and creativity (07/07/2017)

Modular supercomputer enters next round with DEEP-EST project (04/07/2017)

CERN openlab summer students arrive at CERN (19/06/2017)

Training tomorrow’s ICT specialists: Summer students return to CERN (12/06/2017)

Students selected for 2017 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme (18/05/2017)

Collaborators meet at CERN — annual report published (22/03/2017)

Technical workshops prepare ground for CERN openlab VI (06/03/2017)

BioDynaMo collaborators come to CERN (21/12/2016)

CERN submission shortlisted as finalist in EMEA Awards (18/11/2016)

Code challenge winners come to CERN (29/09/2016)

ICE-DIP project comes to a close with workshop held at CERN (14/09/2016)

2016 CERN openlab summer student programme closes with ‘lightning talks’ (19/08/2016)

CERN openlab: supporting the LHC research programme for 15 years (27/07/2016)

Winning Intel ISEF students come to CERN (01/07/2016)

CERN openlab ‘open day’ marks 15 years of fruitful collaboration (11/05/2016)

Machine learning and data analytics are hot topics at CERN openlab workshop (04/05/2015)

Innovation meets entrepreneurship in event at CERN (27/11/2015)

Winners of Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge announced (14/11/2015)

CERN openlab holds 2015 technical workshop (11/01/2015)

CERN openlab to host innovation and entrepreneurship event in November (20/10/2015)

Win an internship at CERN openlab by entering the Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge 2015 (17/09/2015)

CERN and leading ICT companies collaborate through CERN openlab to tackle future challenges (28/05/2015)

* Ghostwritten, or written in collaboration with another person.