Climate Action

Climate Action is part of Green Media and works in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Below are links to my articles:

Belgium goes solar, but the UK misses the train (06/06/2011)

Climate change to cause food chaos (06/06/2011)

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The sky’s the limit for the next generation of wind turbines (30/05/2011)

Germany says no to nuclear (30/05/2011)

Global carbon dioxide levels hit record high (30/05/2011)

COP17 ‘likely to fail’ on legally-binding, post-2012 climate deal (27/05/2011)

UK Green Investment Bank: Out of the red and into the green (23/05/2011)

Sea levels to rise by more than one metre (23/05/2011)

Low income consumers hit by rising energy bills (16/05/2011)

Electricity demand: small is beautiful (16/05/2011)

Reduction of global crop yields sparks concern over food security (16/05/2011)

Government review signals u-turn on offshore wind (09/05/2011)

‘No evidence’ to question the scientific consensus on climate change (09/05/2011)