I work at CERN as a science communicator. I lead the communications office for a public-private partnership called CERN openlab.

Please find links to my articles for the main CERN website below:

CERN openlab CTO co-founds Swiss chapter of Women in High-Performance Computing advocacy group (17/02/2022) (PDF)

Annual CERN openlab Technical Workshop to take place on 16-17 March (06/02/2023) (PDF)

6th HEP C++ Course and Hands-on Training (06/02/2023)* (PDF)

Members of the “CoE RAISE” EU project – developing AI approaches for next-generation supercomputers – meet at CERN (25/01/2023) (PDF)

Highlights from the IT Innovation section in 2022 (23/12/2022) (PDF)

BioDynaMo modelling platform accelerates biological simulation and more (07/12/2022) (PDF)

Academia and industry come together for third day of CERN’s QT4HEP conference (03/11/2022) (PDF)

Quantum deep: delving further into quantum technologies at the QT4HEP conference (02/11/2022) (PDF)

International quantum technology conference kicks off at CERN (01/11/2022) (PDF)

Applications open for 2023 CERN openlab summer student programme (09/11/2022) (PDF)

CERN joins with leaders from research and industry to propose an Open Quantum Institute (13/10/2022) (PDF)

CERN joins with leaders from research and industry to propose an Open Quantum Institute (13/10/2022) (PDF)

CERN openlab trains next generation of computing experts (23/09/2022) (PDF)

The on-site CERN openlab summer-student lecture programme is back (01/07/2022) (PDF)

Building work for CERN’s new data centre in Prévessin begins (22/04/2022) (PDF)

Research and industry unite at 2022 CERN openlab Technical Workshop (31/03/2022) (PDF)

Three-year MALT project comes to a close (17/01/2022) (PDF)

Applications open for 2022 CERN openlab summer student programme (29/11/2021) (PDF)

CERN celebrates alumni impact at global online reunion (12/10/2021) (PDF)

ExaHealth 2021 (07/10/2021) (PDF)

Virtual CERN created for global alumni event (20/09/2021) (PDF)

“Lightning talks” bring CERN openlab’s first-ever full online summer-student programme to a close (08/09/2021) (PDF)

Hacking for humanity at CERN’s global Webfest (30/08/2021) (PDF)

Tune into CERN openlab’s free, open lectures on cutting-edge computing at CERN (01/07/2021) (PDF)

Make a difference at CERN’s global Webfest (29/06/2021) (PDF)

HPC computing collaboration kicks off (10/02/2021) (PDF)

Applications open for 2021 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme (20/11/2020)* (PDF)

CERN, SKAO, GÉANT and PRACE to collaborate on high-performance computing (22/07/2020)

CERN Webfest goes online… and global! (09/07/2020)

Allen initiative – supported by CERN openlab – key to LHCb trigger upgrade (09/06/2020)

Artificial intelligence: the only way is ethics (05/09/2019)

Intelligence and Ethics in Machines – Utopia or Dystopia? (12/08/2019)

Intel advanced-computing user group to meet at CERN in September (11/07/2019)

Sharing CERN’s expertise in big data with the biomedical community (20/06/2019)

Accelerating innovation in computing technologies (11/06/2019) *

Leading ICT companies gather for annual CERN openlab technical workshop (25/01/2019)

Google and Micron join CERN openlab (23/11/2018)

Exploring quantum computing for high-energy physics (15/11/2018)

Applications open for 2019 CERN openlab Summer Students (13/11/2018)

Quantum computing for high-energy physics (12/10/2018)

CERN Summer Student Webfest: weekend of science & creativity (04/07/2018)

Applications open for 2018 CERN openlab Summer Students (07/12/2017)

Intel and CERN openlab team up for developer challenge (16/11/2017)

Facing up to the exabyte era (24/10/2017)

CERN openlab students reflect on summer projects (19/10/2017)

CERN openlab tackles ICT challenges of High-Luminosity LHC (21/09/2017)

Tackling tomorrow’s ICT challenges today (04/09/2017)

CERN openlab students give “lightning talks” on 11 and 15.08 (26/07/2017)

CERN Summer Student Webfest: weekend of science & creativity (07/07/2017)

Training tomorrow’s ICT specialists: students return to CERN (12/05/2017)

CERN openlab: looking ahead to the next 15 years (22/03/2017) *

Applications open for 2017 CERN openlab student programme (08/12/2016)

ICE-DIP project comes to a close with workshop held at CERN (14/09/2016)

Winning Intel ISEF students come to CERN (01/07/2016)

Win an internship at CERN openlab (17/09/2015)

Award-winning high-school students visit CERN (22/06/2015)

CERN openlab open day 10 June (08/06/2015)

CERN openlab enters its fifth phase (16/02/2015)

CERN openlab: Developing cutting-edge ICT systems (04/02/2015)

UNOSAT: Rapid mapping to aid disaster response (18/06/2015)

CERN signs up to SWITCH to improve access to online services (12/06/2015)

Launch of new cloud-computing marketplace to boost research (15/05/2015)

Tool developed at CERN makes software citation easier (05/03/2014)

Improving data analytics for better science (21/02/2014)

The importance of OpenStack for CERN (08/01/2014)

Tracking scientific output across the web (31/10/2013)

Preparing for tomorrow’s big data (04/10/2013)

Big data, big opportunities — for science and for enterprise (20/10/2013)

Grid computing founder: ‘Science needs to travel faster’ (22/05/2013)

CERN Data Centre expands (08/05/2013)

CERN and OpenAIREplus launch European research repository (08/05/2013)

CRISP: Physics and collaboration (28/03/2013)

CERN and Oracle celebrate 30 years of collaboration (04/02/2013)

Standing on the shoulders of software developers (31/01/2013)

Helix Nebula project passes proof-of-concept (24/01/2013)

* Ghostwritten, or written in collaboration with another person.