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How an Artist Painted His Decline Into Alzheimer’s (31/01/2012)


WMO Bulletin

Finding a Higgs Boson in a Haystack (01/12/2013)



Lack of data on droughts hampers risk reduction efforts (04/07/2011)


CERN Courier

Facing up to the exabyte era (13/10/2017) *

Fermilab joins CERN openlab on data reduction (15/01/2018)

Quantum thinking required (29/10/2018) *

Exploring quantum computing for high-energy physics (30/11/2018)


A Global Village

Biofuels: Not just ‘Food vs Fuel’, but ‘Drink vs Drive’ too (16/05/2011)

(See pages 54-57 of PDF, or view the magazine in ISSUU here)


Refractive Index

Science Communication: A Risky Business (05/04/2011)



Is God’s mercy to blame for high crime rates? (22/06/2012)


IC Reporter

Mini profile: Michael Liebreich (29/03/2011)

Science from scratch: Carrying capacity (10/03/2011)

Is the future nuclear? (08/03/2011)

Tim Radford: Life as a simple scribe (08/03/2011)



Global cooling? (23/06/2011)

Breathing life into spaceplane technology (23/06/2011)

The Space Shuttle retires (12/05/2011)

Urban Ecology (18/03/2011)

Should prisoners be allowed to vote? (01/03/2011)

Catch I, Science on the 11th March (01/03/2011)

Optimism among the trouble in Tunisia (20/01/2011)

Imperial’s Dr Dexter comes under fire for ‘degrading’ exhibition (20/01/2011)

Defend our geeks (14/10/2011)


Blackpool Gazette

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Lancashire Evening Post

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Chorley Guardian

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Leyland Guardian

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* Ghostwritten, or written in collaboration with another person.