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Simulation for manufacturing and engineering with CloudSME (10/12/2014)

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Modeling capitalism in the 21st century (12/11/2014)

HPC and big data in the 1950s, or how a British company selling tea and cakes owned the world’s first office computer (05/11/2014)

Protecting the rainforest with upcycled phones and cloud computing (29/10/2014)

Blue-sky thinking for clouds in Heidelberg (22/10/2014)

Building a network for health research in Africa (22/10/2014)

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Understanding ecosystems to improve sustainability (20/08/2014)

Laying the foundations for better sharing of research data (13/08/2014), Pharrell, Timbaland… step aside! It’s time for the crowd to produce some music (13/08/2014)

Creating a pan-European data infrastructure (23/07/2014)

Study suggests cloud computing can make business more green (16/07/2014)

CERN and UNESCO celebrate anniversary of CERN Convention (09/07/2014)

Building an E-ARK for the archival data deluge (02/07/2014)

International Supercomputing Conference ’14 (25/06/2014)

The future of ‘the information society’ (18/06/2014)

Rapid mapping aids disaster response (18/06/2014)

Cloud computing_ cooking up better contracts with Kuan Hon (11/06/2014)

The internet of plants (04/06/2014)

Handling big data to understand antimatter at CERN’s LHCb experiment (21/05/2014)

Research in Europe boosted by launch of new cloud-computing marketplace (21/05/2014)

EGI Community Forum 2014 (14/05/2014)

Facilitating research collaboration through computing and data infrastructure (30/04/2014)

Blood flow in the brain, multi-scale modeling, and more — life as an early-career HPC researcher (16/04/2014)

Smartphone game lets you pilot a spaceship to help tackle cancer (16/04/2014)

A deluge of data in Dublin (09/04/2014)

User communities at the heart of European Grid Infrastructure (02/04/2014)

IT plays starring role at CineGlobe Film Festival (02/04/2014)

The growth of HPC in the life sciences (26/03/2014)

Research Data Alliance meets in Dublin (26/03/2014)

Digital humanities_ overcoming the barriers to data sharing (19/03/2014)

25 years since the web was conceived at CERN (12/03/2014)

The sky’s the limit for cloud computing (05/03/2014)

Tool developed at CERN makes software citation easier (05/03/2014)

Data without borders — the Research Data Alliance (26/02/2014)

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A musical duet from the edge of our solar system (05/02/2014)

Big data in the humanities and social sciences (05/02/2014)

Swarm sensing_ attaching sensors to bees to tackle colony collapse (29/01/2014)

Reducing earthquake impact with big data and global collaboration (22/01/2014)

Can you find the Lego figurines hidden in the CERN data centre (22/01/2014)

Mapping the stars — Gaia’s big data challenge (15/01/2014)

Tim Bell on the importance of OpenStack for CERN (08/01/2014)

One climate model to rule them all (08/01/2014)

Making complex computations more efficient (11/12/2013)

Shedding light on dark matter (04/12/2013)

Making computing for ‘big science’ more green (13/11/2013)

Supporting a collaborative data infrastructure — for all kinds of research (06/11/2013)

Tracking scientific output across the web (30/10/2013)

All data leads to Rome (30/10/2013)

Web developers recreate line-mode browser (23/10/2013)

Data in the DNA: transforming biology and data storage (09/10/2013)

Nobel prize for physics — the role of the grid (09/10/2013)

Flexibility — for HPC, clouds, and the workforce (02/10/2013)

Preparing for tomorrow’s big data (02/10/2013)

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Heidelberg set to host inaugural ISC Big Data conference (04/09/2013)

Harnessing the power of the grid for structural biology (24/07/2013)

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Cryptography and security at ISC’13 (17/04/2013)

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Listening to the music of the brain could be key to treating epilepsy (06/03/2013)

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Forecasting the challenges and highlights of Cloudscape V with Wolfgang Gentzsch (13/02/2013)

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17-million-digit prime number smashes world record (13/02/2013)

I interact, therefore I am(13/02/2013)

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Building a wind-tunnel computer to help fight cancer (30/01/2013)

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What’s in a name — the battle to save Brazil’s biodiversity (23/01/2013)

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Supercomputer has swear filter added after learning the Urban Dictionary (23/01/2013)

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Cloud could give European economy €1 trillion boost by 2020, predicts EC report (10/10/2012)

Why can’t every cloud have an HPC lining_ (03/10/2012)

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Globus Online launches new website for European researchers (26/09/2012)

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Human Genome Project 2.0 (19/09/2012)

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