Please find links to my articles for the CERN website below:

Applications open for 2017 CERN openlab student programme (08/12/2016)

ICE-DIP project comes to a close with workshop held at CERN (14/09/2016)

Winning Intel ISEF students come to CERN (01/07/2016)

Win an internship at CERN openlab (17/09/2015)

Award-winning high-school students visit CERN (22/06/2015)

CERN openlab open day 10 June (08/06/2015)

CERN openlab enters its fifth phase (16/02/2015)

CERN openlab: Developing cutting-edge ICT systems (04/02/2015)

UNOSAT: Rapid mapping to aid disaster response (18/06/2015)

CERN signs up to SWITCH to improve access to online services (12/06/2015)

Launch of new cloud-computing marketplace to boost research (15/05/2015)

Tool developed at CERN makes software citation easier (05/03/2014)

Improving data analytics for better science (21/02/2014)

The importance of OpenStack for CERN (08/01/2014)

Tracking scientific output across the web (31/10/2013)

Preparing for tomorrow’s big data (04/10/2013)

Big data, big opportunities — for science and for enterprise (20/10/2013)

Grid computing founder: ‘Science needs to travel faster’ (22/05/2013)

CERN Data Centre expands (08/05/2013)

CERN and OpenAIREplus launch European research repository (08/05/2013)

CRISP: Physics and collaboration (28/03/2013)

CERN and Oracle celebrate 30 years of collaboration (04/02/2013)

Standing on the shoulders of software developers (31/01/2013)

Helix Nebula project passes proof-of-concept (24/01/2013)